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Our culture puts a lot of pressure on knowledge. Because of the constantly available access to a stream of information about people, culture and the world, we are expected to have knowledge about everything, from our acquaintances latest vacation to the most recent crisis of social justice. Our desire for knowledge is good, and it’s powerful — often our search for knowledge makes new things happen. But sometimes it can make us lose sight of the true purpose of knowledge.

This week was my first full week of working at Adventures in Missions. On Monday, I was thrown right into the mix of a very busy, fast-paced environment. Subconsciously, I felt this pressure to know my job and be useful immediately. I loved what was happening in this office space, and I wanted to be part of it right away. In many ways, it was a confirmation that I was in the right place. But I was also putting all these unspoken expectations on myself to know more than I did.

Right now, my job is to learn. I am learning so much about the systems and processes, all the hosts in my region, and about the culture of this organization.

Something I have learned is that Adventures in Missions is constantly growing and changing, and rapidly. Just recently, I found out that already, my role is changing slightly. I have just been put in charge of South America as well as a few countries in Central America. Now, my role is managing all of the contacts in these countries:    

French Guiana
El Salvador
Costa Rica

I am very excited about this shift and I am looking forward to connecting with all the hosts in these countries.